Vegan Food in Toronto!

When visiting Toronto last September for our honeymoon, we found a great selection of vegan food available throughout each day and at different types of places, with the accessibility and diversity of vegan food one of the most impressive things about our trip. Below is a summary of the vegan food we ate and the places that we visited during our time in Toronto:




Planta was the first place that we went to on the evening of our arrival; it had a really welcoming and cosmopolitan vibe to it, with a bar separate to the main eating area which was suitably overlooked by plants. Planta is 100% vegan and describes itself as “an innovative plant-based restaurant inspired by all parts of the world”. We were really hungry after the flight – where the vegan on-flight meal wasn’t very impressive – and so we ordered a pizza for starters, which was delicious. Jane liked the pizza so much she ordered another one for her main, which was the best pizza Jane has ever had! The fennel really made the pizza. Jay ordered a burger, which he thought was “jawgasm-inducing”. Planta also do the tastiest raw healthy drinks. This is a definite for any visiting vegan to go to – it’s 100% vegan, it provides healthy but incredibly tasty food and the environment is chilled and the staff are very welcoming.

Belmonte Raw


We visited Belmonte Raw, a juice and smoothie bar, for breakfast, with it based in the PATH system underneath Toronto. Again, vegan, raw and tasty and it provided the perfect vegan breakfast that filled us up for the day. Jane had an Energize smoothie whilst Jay had not one, but two, smoothie bowls (one was blueberry flavour and the other was peanut butter based) because he loved it so much. Sadly, Belmonte Raw has since closed – we are glad we got to experience the vegan treats before this point but it is definitely going to be missed.



We visited CrudaCafe on the way back from our trip to the Distillery District and Cherry Beach. Again it is 100% vegan and raw and is based in the St. Lawrence Market. Jane ordered the Gnocchi Carbonara, which was homemade dumplings, creamy basil sauce and fresh zucchini noodles whereas Jay ordered the Gypsy Sandwich, which included dehydrated sprouted seeds bread, vegan cashew cheese, guacamole, tomato, sprouts and seasonal veggies. We ended up swapping our food choices, as we each preferred the other’s choice! We also had an icecream sandwich but this wasn’t very easy to eat because it didn’t melt very well. A really lovely place with some great food options and somewhere we recommend you go to if you want to try vegan raw tasty food in Toronto!

Jay enjoying some vegan snacks from a supermarket we stopped off at on the way to Cherry Beach!

Pizza Pizza

After eating really healthily we then found after searching on Happy Cow that Pizza Pizza – a Pizza chain in Ontario – offers vegan cheese! To make this even better, the nearest Pizza Pizza was 2 minutes around the corner to where we were staying! This was awesome and it is great to see that here in the UK, Pizza Hut have now introduced vegan cheese, with Pizza Express and Zizzi already offering vegan cheese.


We found these in a local shop – surprisingly vegan and yummy!

Cosmic Treats


This was our favourite place we were able to eat at during our time in Toronto. 100% vegan and based in the hip Kensington Market, Cosmic Treats is a vegan restaurant and dessert bar – and boy do they do desserts!! We went there for breakfast but that didn’t stop Jane from ordering her cup cake, whipped cream and ice cream with sauce and toppings alongside fried mac n cheese balls! Jay had a fry-up with pancakes covered in maple syrup (of course!) To top off this amazing food and choice, the space invaders, alternative science fiction style decor and unique serving bowls and glasses just made the whole experience amazing. They even gave us free sweets when we left!



We ambitiously went to Doomie’s, a vegan restaurant providing amazing vegan junk food, on the same day as we went to Cosmic Treats. This meant when it came to eating food at Doomie’s we really struggled, which was a shame! We tried their mac n cheese bowl and their vegan chicken strips and dips – what we could manage to eat was very tasty and our only regret is we couldn’t eat more. We did get to also visit the famous Vegan Sidekick wall that is downstairs in Doomie’s, making sure to take that all important selfie!

The stairs in Doomie’s!

Copper Branch


Copper Branch was another vegan restaurant where we were able to get our breakfast from. Jane got waffles and Jay had a smoothie bowl. The waffles were slightly dry so Jane wasn’t able to eat them all but it was a very filling breakfast and it was great to have another easy-to-find and locate vegan eatery with lots of vegan options!

Kupfert & Kim

A very popular plant-based quick service restaurant where we were able to get a very filling and tasty salad to share. Again, Kupfert & Kim is 100% vegan and great for healthy on-the-go quick easy meals, with several locations available across Toronto.

There was options to buy vegan protein powder in bulk in supermarkets across Toronto!

The Hogtown Vegan

This was another amazing vegan restaurant – it was quite far out so it took us an hour to walk there, but since we have left they have opened another Hogtown Vegan closer to Downtown Toronto! Jane had the Philly Cheesesteak and Jay had the Hogtown Burger. It was so filling we were unable to order any dessert! An amazing place, lovely and polite staff and again 100% vegan with a variety of choices.

Urban Herbivore

Urban Herbivore was where we went for our final meal in Toronto before flying back. Again, it was easy to find and it was also 100% vegan. We both had the TLC – tomato, lettuce, coconut ‘bacon’, garlic aioli – and a cupcake each. The food was amazing and again the service was polite and pleasant.

In summary, one of the best things about our trip was the vegan food available. It was easy to access, it was delicious and there was so much variety – and we still had places on our list that we didn’t get to go to! It really is a vegan friendly city with some amazing vegan food! Check out Happy Cow to see the full list of vegan places available in Toronto.

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