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BasicIncome.org: The Basic Income European Network (BIEN) aims to serve as a link between all individuals and groups interested in basic income and to foster informed discussion on this topic throughout the world.

RutgerBregman.com: Historian and author who has published books on history, philosophy, and economics.

KateRaworth.com: Renegade economist focused on exploring the economic mindset needed to address the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges.

Evonomics.com: A powerful voice for the sea change that is sweeping through economics.

DavidGraeber.industries: Anthropologist, anarchist, and expert on “bullshit jobs.”

DemocracyAtWork.info: Non-profit that advocates for worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces as a key path to a stronger, democratic economic system.

LibreHunt.org: LibreHunt helps you choose a free open source operating system as an alternative to proprietary software like Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac.

DistroTest.net: Once you’ve decided on a preferred free open source operating system, you can use this website to try it out online without installation in the simplest way.

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