Through all of our work, we strive towards a better society.

We try to choose challenges that mean something, and will work hard to see them through.

We’ve lived through boom and bust – as individuals, not just in business – and worked on risky, innovative ventures in our community long enough to have an idea of what works and what is less likely to. We’ve put much of our own money back into community activities, and live relatively humble lives.

Despite each of us regularly working 60-80hr working weeks, neither of us have ever had conventional jobs and we reject the concept of “Alarm Clock Britain” as a peeing contest for who gets up earliest and works the longest – what matters is the work we do. Life is the sum of our actions.

As technological advancement means automation takes over what many of us call “bullshit jobs,” this will leave us all with an opportunity to focus on collaboration, creativity and – above all – community. Striving for a better society means, in our case, choosing quality over quantity, morals over money, people over profit, and values over the value of things.

With that in mind, we of all people understand people’s pursuit of their dreams and we will do what we can to help make them a reality.

So our work ethic isn’t about who gets up the earliest or who works the longest, or even how much money you make, it’s about what you do. Instead, we have a slightly different ethic, and it’s not just about work. We call it the “ETHIC.”

Our values are reflected in our work ETHIC:

Empowerment: our approach is focused on empowering those we engage with to fulfil their potential

Time: we understand time is precious and key for a healthy work/life balance

Hope: we are focused on retaining integrity with a positive approach to everything we do

Inspiration: we aim to inspire those we work with so they can in turn inspire others too 

Cooperation: we are keen to work with others in creative ways to contribute to a better community

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