We have over 25 years of combined experience in social enterprise and community initiative and offer a free initial chat to discuss your needs and how we might be able to help.

We can provide:

Social enterprise development. We’ve set up and sustained several award-winning social enterprises even during an era of austerity and can offer advice on how to get started and set up.

Project management. We have successfully managed community projects for a range of organisations – notably for AFC Unity, E.D.E.N Film Productions, and Libre Digital and its initiatives SilenceBreaker Media and the FreeTech Project. This has involved technology workshops, social media training, voter registration drives, football tournaments, music and film festivals, multimedia classes, and campaigns. We’ve managed many projects in various communities and know how to subcontract, coordinate, and deliver activities in a professional and efficient way, with tangible results.

Coaching and facilitation. We’ve helped to activate many communities into discussion, organisation and action and can adapt our skill-sharing, empowerment-focused approach to almost any group setting.

Fundraising. We have successfully written grant funding applications for numerous community organisations, raising hundreds of thousands in funding through strong application submissions.

Research and evaluation. Specialising in qualitative research, we can produce reports to measure success, including the production of case studies, evaluation templates, and reports and monitoring documents that can assess activities and engage with key stakeholders, alongside recommending action and providing evidence of demand and impact.

Branding and marketing. We’ve developed business “identities” that help ventures get their message across effectively – from logo and poster designs, to brand development and social media marketing.

Content writing and copywriting. We can be brought in to help with your branding, marketing of services, and awareness-raising, by content writing and copywriting which can take many forms – from blogs to press releases, online advertisements, articles and newsletters. We’ve written several books, as well as for Now Then magazine, The Scavenger, Public Sociology, and The Blog Paper (where we both first connected!)

Presentations and public speaking. We’ve delivered talks on a range of issues, from the sociology of sport to alternative media.

Interested? Use our contact form. We get many requests, but if one catches our eye and matches our ethics and interests, we definitely like to try make time for it!

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