Victoria Blagden – an actor and key to running community based theatre, Far Out Theatre, who we are enjoying working with.

“Jay & Jane came up with good ideas and worked hard to promote the show. Jay and Jane are enthusiastic and basically lovely, lovely people. They really listened to us and came up with good ideas. These ideas were then carried out. I would highly recommend it. We are using Jay and Jane again this year, but this time all year and not in a hurry like last time! It was a pleasure and it eased the pressure off our shoulders.”

Heather Paterson – LGBT+ Columnist for Exposed Magazine, LGBT+ Hub Representative for the Equality Hub Network, and Director and Chair of Libre Digital.

Heather says: “Jay and Jane are always a pleasure to work with. Their genuine passion for social justice, equality and being part of trying to make the world a better place shines through. Jay and Jane are skilled project coordinators and I would recommend them for running projects with your group / organisation. Individually, Jay is a great orator and is a ideal guest speaker with a wealth of experience of the third sector and independent media both here and during his time in Canada, while Jane is a research and evaluation wizz who will provide impressive project evaluations for your funders.”

Sofia Genders – Co-Founder of the End of the Road Festival. Freelancer/Consultant – events, music, festivals. Promoter. Reiki Master.

Sofia says: “Jay and Jane are two of the most ethically minded, caring and positive people I know. They are an inspiration to be around and their good energy is contagious. They know how to make a positive difference in this world. Thank you! They’re good at listening and are full of creativity and positive ideas and they always seem very happy to help.”

Catherine Moggridge – Former Libre Digital Director for over 6 years.

Catherine says: “Both Jay and Jane are extraordinarily driven with an unceasing work ethic. This is coupled with the ability to interpret and work to brief with creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. They have broad skill set with the ability to have clear vision, goals and think strategically, with especially strong communication and networking capabilities. Projects are always completed to deadline and budget with detail oriented and highly rewarding results. This is coupled with ethical awareness and commitment to social justice. The pair have great integrity and it has always been a privilege to work alongside them. Jane is a highly skilled and academically adept researcher. She has a highly analytical and methodical approach. Her detail orientated methodology ensures revelatory and outstanding results. Jay is a zeitgeist and visionary with the ability to identify, act upon and create opportunities in the local and wider community. He presents with excellent interpersonal and his affable manner should not be misinterpreted for lack of ambition and drive. Jay is a focused and extremely hard working individual.”

Reuben Clarke – Director and Treasurer of Libre Digital

Reuben says, “I have volunteered for their organisations, I then worked for them on a few projects and now I am a Director of Libre Digital where both Jay and Jane now work in managerial positions. Working with Jay and Jane has been a real pleasure, I first learned about their endeavours 4 years ago when I was at university, I volunteered for their organisation SilenceBreaker Media (now Libre Digital). They were brilliant to work with giving me a real warm welcome and a truly enjoyable experience, I returned to the organisation a year later first as a volunteer and then as an employee. Since then I have moved out of Sheffield and have now become a Director of Libre Digital the successor to SilenceBreaker Media. In my time working with them they have always shown a strong and unwavering commitment to improving themselves and the communities they work for. They understand the requirements needed to fully function as a charity, including ensuring that the organisation is fulfilling its legal, accounting and administration requirements. As well as this their experience in short medium and long term strategic development of charity and social enterprises is wide ranging, proven and well developed.”

Sarah Choonara – AFC Unity first team 11-a-side player.

Sarah says: “I have known Jay and Jane for 2 or 3 years. I initially met them through women’s football training sessions. As I got more involved with AFC Unity I have got to know them better and as well as playing for Unity I have got more involved in the role of the club as a vehicle for social change. Jay and Jane are both imaginative, encouraging, engaging and extremely hard working. They give so much thought to how they can support people to get the best out of themselves. They have an admirable social conscience, working hard to expose and tackle injustices. I have found them to be nothing but supportive of me as a player and a volunteer with AFC Unity, encouraging me to be honest about what I would like to achieve and patiently working alongside me to this end. Having experienced how supportive and constructive they are with players and volunteers at AFC Unity bringing a huge variety of issues, I believe in their potential to help whatever the issue or project or job you may bring to them. They are positive and honest and will genuinely work in your best interests.”

Jaimee Reeve – Psychiatric trainee and AFC Unity first team 11-a-side player.

Jaimee says: “I had the pleasure of meeting Jay and Jane via AFC Unity and Solidarity Soccer. At the time of my first training session I was feeling apprehensive having had a negative experience with another football club. Jay and Jane were incredibly welcoming and friendly. They are approachable, professional and highly lovely individuals and they make a great team! Their positive outlook is fab.”

Claire Watkinson – Managing Director & Founder of E.D.E.N Film Productions, founder of Storytellers Wedding Studio, freelance filmmaker, organiser of Transforming Cinema and AFC Unity first team 11-a-side player.

Claire says: “Jane & Jay were instrumental for the set-up of the social enterprise I run, E.D.E.N Film Productions. They helped me understand the basic steps, directed me to useful contacts who helped with the legal aspects and assisted us in successfully applying for funding to run our first project. They provided me with a lot of useful information and points that I have been able to take with me to continue to grow E.D.E.N. Jane has been a fantastic evaluator for the majority of our projects at E.D.E.N. For example, our Heritage Lottery Fund project evaluation which Jane completed was shared with the HLF Development team as a good example of an evaluation, demonstrating her expertise. Jane is extremely thorough, communicates well and meets the deadlines set for each of the evaluations and I would highly recommend her. I would specifically recommend Jay & Jane for funding application writing and support, organisational development and legal aspects alongside set-up, evaluations, design work, and social media support and implementation.”

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