What We Do

The majority of our social impact work focuses on three areas:

Making Social Impact

We have set up and sustained not-for-profit initiatives during an era of austerity and can provide social enterprise advice helping you put social impact at the centre of what you do. We can draw on our years of experience in facilitation and coaching and can be brought in on a range of social impact driven projects, including in sports, technology and media.

Measuring Social Impact

We have successfully written grant funding applications for numerous community organisations, raising hundreds of thousands of funds through strong submissions, and can advise you on how to get started and funded. We can also produce social impact reports of your work, which can in turn massively improve your chances for future funding.

Marketing Social Impact

We can be brought in to help with your branding, social media, and marketing of services raising awareness of what you do, with a focus on highlighting your social impact.

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